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Understanding the extra challenge schools are facing these days to keep students engaged virtually and in the classroom, Joe has packaged his
well-received live presentation into an inspiring 40-minute video that gives teens new hope and moves them to act. This is not your run-of-the-mill virtual presentation. In choosing to record his message, Joe was able to put on his "movie producer" hat and include dozens of photos, videos and audio clips that make his journey to the big leagues come to life and effectively drive home his key point that any dream job is possible IF you begin taking small steps today to get you closer to that dream. The video also clearly shows the benefits of work ethic, how to overcome adversity and why soft skills, especially kindness, are so important on any career path. A preview of the full presentation is available for free by request of school administrators (use form below).


  • As part of a career preparedness curriculum.

  • As a career readiness resource available to all students through the school counselor's office.

  • As an in-person or virtual assembly during school hours.

  • As a special presentation made available to students and parents virtually with an evening start time.

  • As a virtual keynote presentation on Career Day.

  • As a virtual presentation in a Sports Journalism or related class.

“A world championship presentation.”
Lanny Frattare, Professor, Waynesburg University and former Voice of the Pittsburgh Pirates

“I absolutely loved Mr. Klimchak’s presentation! I could really relate to his story."
Bill Capp, PA Cyber Student

“My teenage son was glued from start to finish. Awesome message.”
Dave Burhenn, Parent & Teacher, Central Valley School District

"Excellent themes and a great message for all high school students."
Dr. David Zupsic, Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV, Coordinator of Curriculum

"I can't think of a better message for those entering college today!"
Dr. John Hicks, Professor, Slippery Rock University

"My seventh-graders LOVED IT!  And so did I!"
Cindy Turley, Teacher, Central Valley Middle School

Q & A
Students are welcome to email Joe with any questions after watching the video. Email address is

If interested or if you have any questions, please email Joe at

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