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“Joe did an amazing job presenting to our students.  I think he has a wonderful message and story to share, and he does it in such a way that it captivates and resonates with many students.  He was also great to work with in terms of setting dates and communicating presentation needs. He's a true professional and I'm glad we were able to get him to Cornell High School.” -Dr. Aaron Thomas, Superintendent, Cornell School District

“Joe's words resonated deeply with each and every one of us, touching the hearts of students and igniting a sense of hope and determination within. His ability to connect with the students was truly remarkable and the impact of his powerful and uplifting message will undoubtedly be felt for a long time to come.” -Wayne Gdovic, Superintendent, South Park School District

Joe's presentation was absolutely AMAZING. His message was exactly what our student body and staff needed!  I hope they look within themselves to do better and be better; and of course go for their dreams! -Roshelle Green, Grade 12 School Counselor, Hickory High School

“The way Mr. Klimchak told his story was very engaging as he used personal stories, audience participation, and humor to immerse us into his journey. Overall I left the presentation feeling inspired and interested in pursuing my own aspirations.” -Grant Kalich, Student, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School

“Your presentation was FABULOUS!!!! It's the message our kids needed to hear. Thank you! Thank you!” -Suheir Pfeil, School Counselor, North Hills Middle School

“Joe easily held large crowds of high school students' attention by sharing his extraordinary message of how through hard work, dedication and growth mindset, an ordinary Joe developed his lifelong dream into reality.” -Dr. Ted Benning, Principal, Greater Latrobe High School

“Joe was engaging, relatable, incredibly kind, encouraging and his presentation was absolutely perfect in helping convey the importance of this trimester's themes to our students.” -Dr. Anthony Mooney, Principal, Quaker Valley Middle School

“Your message was the EXACT message we would want our seniors to hear as they prepare to follow their path (or paths). Your commitment to follow your dreams and turn that passion into action should serve as a role model example.” Dr. Brian Miller, Superintendent, Pine-Richland School District

“Joe's message was on the money.  His presentation not only captivated the students but the faculty as well.  I heard many students after the presentation and still this morning say how happy they were about the presenter.  His message of GRIT and Integrity spoke volumes to many students, but I feel the seniors for sure heard it loud and clear.  My hope is that this message stays with even the 8th graders all the way through High School and into their adult years.” -Matthew Fowler, Dean of Students, Hickory High School

“Finding an effective speaker for a group of high school students has never been more challenging.  Joe has a way of connecting with his audience in an authentic way that not only brings a smile to your face, but also leaves you inspired to work at becoming the best version of yourself.  If you have ever talked about "Growth Mindset" with your students, Joe is the guy to reinforce previous lessons.  If you are responsible for providing meaningful college and career presentations for your students, again, Joe will deliver!  Days after his visit, I still have students and staff talking about "the best assembly we've had in years!” -Cory Hake, Principal, Slippery Rock High School

“While Joe considers himself to be 'An Ordinary Joe' I can tell you he is much, much more!  Joe related to our students on a personal level and inspired them to focus their energies on developing a growth mindset.  All students were engaged because of his local roots, humble upbringing, and charisma.  We will definitely have him back!” -Dr. Michael Choby, Principal, Norwin High School 

“I could tell just 10 seconds into Joe's presentation just how passionate he was about helping our students find their passion and start takings step to build a foundation for their future. His message came from the heart and I heard several of our students talking about how much they enjoyed it." -Joe Zimmerman, Teacher, North Star Middle School

“Joe was an engaging and energetic speaker. His message to our students on persistence, grit and chasing your dreams was extremely powerful." -Brian Fadden, Principal, Burgettstown Middle/High School

“Joe is the perfect speaker for school-aged students at a time when they need positive, uplifting messages more than ever".  -Brian Churovia, Vice Principal, Riverside High School

“Joe is transparent and vulnerable in a manner that allows students to genuinely connect with his story.  Hands down, Joe’s story was the single best program I’ve seen.  As Joe tells the story of chasing his dream he inspires all who listen to overcome obstacles and keep pushing forward. Thank you Joe!!!” -Bill Parenti, Teacher and Coach, Seneca Valley, Haine Middle School

“Joe is such an incredible person and engaging speaker. The students left motivated to strive for their very best and inspired to never give up on their dreams." -Kelly Winovich, a National Teacher of the Year and Grammy recognized Music Educator of the Year, Northgate High School

“Joe's assembly was the perfect fit for our students, providing them with a compelling personal story while promoting positive ideals to last a lifetime!" -Barb Garofola, Teacher, Greensburg-Salem School District

The most special part of having Joe come to our school as a speaker was the fact that he genuinely cared about everyone in the room. This was my third time seeing Joe present, and each time he came with something new and left us wishing he would come back again!" -Jennifer Palmieri, Teacher, Oil City School District

“It was a great assembly! I never heard our students that quiet - they were so interested in his words! He was wonderful!" -Vicki Truchan, Teacher, North Hills School​ District​

Joe's personal narrative of building his announcing dream "one brick at a time"  was well-received and beneficial to all of our students. He showed what's possible with hard work, passion and perseverance." -Mason Seachrist, Assistant Principal, Beaver Local Middle School

“Excellent themes and a great message for all students." -Dr. David Zupsic, Coordinator of Curriculum, Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV

"Joe’s message about students pursuing their dreams was very powerful. He's a very engaging speaker and the content of his presentation is spot on.” -David Vezendy, Principal, Hempfield Area School District

“A truly wonderful and meaningful learning experience for our students." -Vinnie Guandolo, Teacher and Coach, South Side Area School District

"Mr. Klimchak’s presentation was inspiring, encouraging, and motivating, It was great! -Luke McCoy, Student, South Side Middle School

“Joe's message was both timely and relevant and addressed character values that are critical for teenagers to embrace during their high school years and beyond.” -Dr. Jeff Keeling, Principal, Greenville High School

“Joe was enthusiastic and able to establish an authentic connection with the students.  Every student can relate to Joe's real life story about perseverance and remaining dedicated to a life-long dream. He is a shining example of the special people from the Pittsburgh region who value hard work, preparation, and commitment.  It was an honor to have him visit and inspire our students.” -David Deramo, Principal, North Allegheny School District

"I have sat through MANY assemblies and presentations throughout my 16 years of teaching, and yours, by far, was the most engaging, passionate, meaningful and interesting presentation that I have ever seen! Your message was so powerful!" -Amanda O'Leary, Teacher, Wendover Middle School

"We have been blessed to have Joe speak at our school twice this year. Our faculty appreciated Joe's message of remarkable perseverance filled with heart-warming humor and truth. We knew our students would be just as appreciative of his message. Once again he "hit it out of the ballpark" with his presentation. Students flocked to him after the assembly to share their stories and goals. Joe took his time with each of them, and made them know they were heard." -Anne Curran, Assistant Principal, Oil City School District​

"Joe's story of dreaming big and then working hard to pursue his dream certainly did resonate with these teens. His message should be heard by every student from middle school to college!" -Phil Henry, South Fayette School District 

"Joe's message and story were an inspiration for all of our students." -Shawn McCreary, Principal, Central Valley High School 

"Our staff really engaged with Joe's storytelling, humor and message of perseverance toward your dreams. Thank you Joe for inspiring our staff and giving them hope!” -Matthew LaVerde, Assistant Executive Director, Riverview Intermediate Unit #6

“Your presentation is one of the best I have ever sat through. It is apparent that everything you say is truly authentic and as real as you get. You give me the inspiration to never give up on myself and try to always get better in everything I do. You have shown me the true power of being ordinary and I am very thankful to have heard your presentation.” -Richie Bochicchio, Student, Grove City College

“​A world championship presentation!" -Lanny Frattare, Professor, Waynesburg University

Joe's message about being able to improve is crucial for this generation. He really delivers in a way that inspires hope, confidence and not being afraid of challenges. -Dr. John Hicks, Professor, Slippery Rock University

“Your message was very impactful, especially at this time in my life. You mentioned things that I really needed to hear. I felt almost like he was talking to me." -Caleb Schmidt, Grove City College"The students REALLY loved your message. A few have even been texting and telling me about their dream jobs. You really stirred something up in them! -Jason Freyer, Associate Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church

I can’t thank you enough for your inspiring presentation last week. I still have people thanking me for having you!! -Melissa Berg, Marketing Director, Franciscan Manor

Joe has a powerful message to tell and a lot of people need to hear it. -Jeff Bobin, Pastor, United Methodist Church 

"Awesome presentation. I've seen many public speakers ... your message is going to make a real impact. You got it!" -Greg Toth, Great American Opportunities

"Joe came to our Family Fun Night and shared a great story about his journey. I don't know who had more fun . . . Joe, the grownups, or the kids, but I do know we all had a wonderful evening." -John Van Cleve, Steering Committee Chair, The Open Door

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